About mio


Meet mio - the sociable and helpful robot that cruises the busiest streets and crowded venues with style and efficiency. Designed to save time and to assist people, he can’t help but perform his tasks in the most adorable way possible and thus gain the attention of everyone around him.

Mio is a perfect helper at all kinds of events: conferences, expos, concerts and festivals. By delivering, selling, entertaining and doing many other tasks, mio will take a lot of problems off of your hands. He also provides a comfortable and an effective way to showcase and sell all kinds of products. After all, one can hardly resist such a salesman.

IT’S UNIQUE: with the help of mio, you can easily differentiate yourself from competitors and deliver customer value in an original way.

IT’S APPROACHABLE: even though created with cutting-edge technology, mio is still too cute to pass by without interacting. Use it to gain attention of potential customers.

IT’S USEFUL: mio is eager to help you increase sales, reduce costs and make an impression.

Mio has a lot of interesting stories to tell. Become a part of them!


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