Let's create a campaign together


When planing your advertising campaign every step is important. We give you a 8 step guide for your campaign.



  • Distribution of media tools and the role of outdoor advertising in a campaign;
  • Looking for long term or short term results?
  • Choosing the right KPI for campaign evaluation.
  • What general reach and frequency results are expected?


  • Selecting your target audience helps us to choose the right approach and format for the event.
  • Based on Outdoor Impact and municipality government data we select the most effective duration for the campaign.
  • We also predict what buildings and composition of buildings will impact your audience the most. 



  • Based on Your campaign's message we effectively choose the location.
  • Wide geographical reach enables us to adapt to Your needs.
  • We already have a set-up default modules targeting some specific audiences.


  • For making custom robot modules we use ...
  • Our team member will look over and assist in designing your mock-up template.
  • We can also suggest our default design templates for your agency or marketing department.





  • Our support team will maintain your campaign after the launch.
  • We respond to any issues and take any needed action to solve the problem.
  • For an additional fee we will provide you with photos of your campaign.



  • Outdoor Impact program will provide estimated results before the launch of the campaign.
  • Research after the outdoor advertising campaign will provide feedback have the campaign goals been achieved.
  • With the results you will get guidelines and and the possibility to compare results with similar campaigns.



  • After Your advertising campaign we would like to discuss how the campaign went and get Your feedback.
  • We will send you data on Your campaign results before the meeting or discuss it during the meeting.
  • We are always eager to know if the KPI's established before the campaign were met.



Everyday the Media is developing and learning from past campaign results is an ongoing process which enables us to achieve even more efficient outcomes for your future campaigns!