mio vending bots

For vending industry


Up to 10x less operating capital

1 mio vending bot can cover area of 10 vending machines and therefore requires 10 times less maintenance and stock filling. 




Up to 4x more sales than an regular vending machine

Due to proactive interaction with customers, voice communication, impulse buying and convenience for people mio vending bots increase sales up to 4 times.


Increase sales even more

Mio vending bots reach people where others can not: city squares, parks, beaches, busy streets, areas near public events. Now you can open new locations which were never reachable before.



10 times greener and planet friendly

1 vending bot instead of 10 vending machines saves a lot of valuable energy and other resources. Therefore, mio robot is green and environment friendly.



Better company image and reputation

In the eyes of your main stakeholders, your company image will increase significantly. With mio vending bots your company will become more innovative, showing that ir cares about the customer convenience and being up to date.

90% of people smile when they see mio vending bots!


Don´t miss improving your business

We are preparing projects with biggest vending operators in Europe. 6 out of 10 the world´s biggest consumer goods companies are interested and 2 of them are preparing projects with us.



Efficient use with ad hoc deployment

Open new use cases for vending with mio robots. Now you can serve public events and conferences at most convenient times: mio can be deployed at one location to catch the biggest flow of customers and then be moved to another location next day for the same purpose. No specific location is needed for vending machines.


Attractive collaboration model

You can choose the most relevant model for your business:

  • renting machines for monthly fee + transaction processing costs
  • or sharing revenue on purchases


We take care of mio robot deployment, operations, servicing. You do not need to buy vending bots or to take care of them.


Mio technologies is a reliable partner

  • We were awarded with BEST STARTUP AWARD 2016 by American chamber of commerce.
  •  Also we have got investment from one of the biggest retail groups in the world.
  • We are a Techstars company (#1 Technology accelerator network in the world).
  • Founders have fluent experience in technology, retail, events, marketing, logistics businesses.

Risk free trials

We are willing to find win-win long term cooperation model. Let´s discuss trial bio vending bots and discover the model which works for both of us.
We take care of all mio vending bot deployment, operations, servicing. You do not need to buy vending bots or take care of them.