Why you should join mio team:


AN opportunity to learn

  • Our team members are professionals, who value each other's skills and opinions
  • People at mio have managed Marketing agencies, Retail stores, HoReCa, Events, Logistics companies, Startups, Google Developer communities and have worked with top global companies like MTV and Disney
  • All the members of mio team are willing to share their valuable experience, help you to hone your skills and become a true professional in your field

Company culture

  • Core values at "mio Technologies" are: People, Results, Flexibility, Speed, Integrity, Focus, Persistence
  • These values are implemented in mio's day-to-day company life
  • mio values and implements diversity
  • People at mio are noticed not only because of their results, but also for their effort and engagement

Career prospects

  • As a young company, "mio Technologies" is still growing. Anyone here can achieve a lot and become who and what they want to be.
  • Most of the people in the company work from its inception.  Therefore, we can be proud of high employee retention. 
  • The company currently resides in all the relevant industries: robotics, which is coming to our lives to help us; Marketing, which is now booming; Retail, which is undergoing a disruption.


  • We have won Best Startup Award 2016 by American Chamber of Commerce
  • We are alumni of Techstars Metro Accelerator 2017 (Metro is in TOP 10 biggest global retail groups, Techstars is #1 Technology accelerator in the world)
  • We have successfully finished Capsula Smart Mobility @ TAU Accelerator in Israel and got grant from Israeli government (only 2 foreign startups were selected into the program)
  • We are working and preparing projects with Top Global Consumer goods companies like Heineken, Unilever, Coca-Cola, Pepsico, Mondelez, L’oreal, Nestle and others
  • We are a fast growing company and as a result we have already received 3 rounds of investments from angels, top global retailers, accelerators and governments 
  • Most of it was achieved in 12 months time


  • Competitive salary based on competence and experience
  • Bonuses for great results
  • Stock options for those who are achieving great results on constant basis and are willing to work long term
  • Flexible working hours and sometimes flexible location
  • Travel opportunities with expenses covered (countries already visited by our employees: Israel, Finland, Sweden, Hong-Kong, Estonia, Germany, USA, Austria, Latvia, UK)
  • Team building events and parties

Our expectations

  • We expect you to do your best
  • We trust people and we expect people to have integrity and be worth of this trust
  • We expect you to be a goal seeker and ambitious 
  • We work only with those who either are top professionals achieving results or are seeking to become ones. We do not tolerate mediocrity.