Get to know mio

He might look different and isn’t made of flesh and bone. Other than that, you’d be hard pressed to find many other differences between mio and yourself.

This little robot loves company and is always on the lookout for new friends. He feels best with many people around him, cruising the busy city streets or rolling around in crowded parks and venues. That’s why he chose his current trade: delivering things to people to simply make them happy.

Mio also has an emphatic side: he will patiently listen to your problems and will cheer you up with funny impersonations or games. What is more, he’s a great entertainer: children love mio!


Learn about him

Aside from his adorable personality, mio has many other traits that can greatly aid your business. Here are a few of them:

  • Self-driving mio robots increase mobility and awareness of you business
  • Being easily approachable, mio robots swiftly connect your brand with potential customers
  • 80% of passers-by notice mio robots, 50% interact with them 
  • Mio generates 4 times more sales than old-school vending machines 
  • Mio robots can work anywhere anytime


There's more

Mio robots offer some unique opportunities to make your business stand out from all the others. He can help you to:

  • Engage your customers in a unique and exciting way
  • Create a buzz about your brand and the experience it provides
  • Build a PR story, featuring the adorable robots and satisfied customers
  • Keep up with today's technology and show the public how efficiently you adapt to the changing conditions
  • Approach traditional business practices, like retailing, from a different angle
  • Increase business performance by using this new marketing channel
  • Attract people to your company's exhibitions, conferences and other events

Mio is eager to become an asset to your company!


Lets get down to business

Our team develops and implements full service marketing campaign for the companies, therefore you do not need to buy the robots or concern yourself with their maintenance. 

We can put mio robots wherever and whenever you need them. We can even customize the technology for your brand to make an even bigger impression!


Custom Branded Robots 

We can use our standard mio robot with your products and services. However, as mentioned before, we can also create custom branded mio robots specifically for your company. Take a look and imagine how your own mio robot could look!


safe and secure

Mio robots are safe both for people and for the environment. Safety is enabled by several layers of advanced technology and constant human supervision. 

  • Safety is #1 priority for mio robots
  • Location of mio robots is being tracked at all times


planet friendly & green

Mio robots are electrically powered and energy efficient. They were designed with care and sustainability in mind.

  • Mio robots require less energy than old-fashioned vending machines.
  • 1 mio robot can cover big areas, therefore requires less stock and less energy to deliver and keep products at required temperatures.


Drop us a line!

Mio robots were created by an experienced and passionate team with impressive skillset in marketing, retail, logistics and technology. We understand people, businesses, and the challenges you face daily.

Contact us and we will provide any information or answers you might need.

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